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A copy of a press release dated August 10, 1981 produced by the organizing committee to promote "Series V", providing logistical and historical information.

A promotional video (10.51 min., 605 MB), directed by David Wood and properly titled "Canada Cup Invitational Softball Tournament 1979", created to give NAGAAA members a view of Toronto and the CGSL in advance of "Series V".Footage shows the CN…

A copy of the CGSL newsletter Diamond Dust, no. 1, 1980.

A navy polo shirt with team name "Artful Dodgers" and "CGSL '80" printed on the front

A white t-shirt printed with original artwork and the caption "Toronto, Canada, July 3-6 - Canada Cup '86".

A color poster featuring a representation of the Toronto skyline and the Molson Brewing Company logo within a rainbow-colored maple leaf. The poster reads, "Canada Cup'88 July 1-2-3 / The softball tradition / Cabbagetown Group Softball League /…

A red-and-white poster featuring a representation of a baseball player with a softball in front of their face. The poster reads, "True Gritte / Toronto, Canada, July 1, 2, 3, 1989 / Canada Cup '89 / The softball experience".

A green button badge, 5.5 cm in diameter, on which is printed in white letters: “C.G.S.L. Canada Cup, 1980, Toronto”.

A pink button badge, 5.5 cm in diameter, on which is printed in black letters: “Canada Cup’87, PWA/LGYT”, featuring a stylized figure of a baseball player drawn in an arts & crafts style.

An orange button badge, 5.5 cm in diameter, on which is printed: "C.G.S.L.”, within a baseball stitching motif.
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