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A color poster featuring a representation of the Toronto skyline and the Molson Brewing Company logo within a rainbow-colored maple leaf. The poster reads, "Canada Cup'88 July 1-2-3 / The softball tradition / Cabbagetown Group Softball League /…

Photograph of teams on parade at a Canada Cup Tournament game with members holding the green and white CGSL flag, the Canadian flag and the American flag

An image of a player on the mound after releasing a pitch

A photograph of spectators sunning themselves on the field while watching a regular season CGSL game

Softball players from opposing CGSL teams (Toros Team, Buddies Team) embracing for a photograph on the field

A navy polo shirt with team name "Artful Dodgers" and "CGSL '80" printed on the front

A black nylon jacket with the team name "Toolbox" printed on the front along with the player's name and number "Allan 15".

A grey uniform with the team name "Toolbox" printed on the front and "15" on the back.

A white t-shirt printed with original artwork and the caption "Toronto, Canada, July 3-6 - Canada Cup '86".

A yellow and black t-shirt with the name “East Side Story” printed on the front, and the name “Fraser 13” on the back.
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