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This image depicts a news article that describes the kind of cultural work that Desh Pardesh is doing by breaking boundaries of identity and tradition.

This image depicts the program outline for the 1997 Desh Pardesh festival that lasted from June 11-15. It breaks down the festival per day and provides admission information.

This image depicts a pamphlet that draws attention to specific parts of the 1996 Desh Pardesh festival that are of special interest.

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Lois Transcript.pdf
Born in 1920, Lois Stewart is a political activist and retired schoolteacher who grew up in Victoria, British Columbia. After teaching in Victoria during World War 2, Lois moved to Southern Ontario, where she taught in a number of cities and towns…

Eve Zaremba Transcript.pdf
Eve Zaremba was born in Poland in 1930. The Second World War displaced her family to Scotland and England, where she was sent to a boarding school in Reading until the age of 15. Zaremba leaves school in 1945 and moves with her family to Southern…
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