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DP029 - Sharon (Final Transcript).pdf
Sharon Fernandez begins by discussing her various works within the people of colour community prior to the Dash Pardesh festival, with a specific goal to push women of colour’s involvement in the writing and in the community. She then discusses the…

A brief column describing the trial of a lesbian whose sentence is suspended.

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A newspaper article describing a girl's case against a lesbian.

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Sex education Oct 10 2007.jpg
A newspaper article on the sexual education available at Ryerson.

A newspaper article pleading for tolerance for lesbians.

A brief clipping warning readers about perversion blackmail, as well as advertising a notorious queer-themed novel.

TAB-1963-12-28-p.15 A883.jpg
A newspaper personal posted by a man interested in bondage play with "submissive" young men.

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TAB-1963-12-07-p.15 A844.jpg
A newspaper personal posted by a man looking for older gay men.

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TAB-1963-11-30-p.15 A807.jpg
A newspaper personal for a man looking to financially assist a younger "chap."

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Femmes fatales Jun 18 198?.jpeg
A white poster for Ryerson Lesbians and Gay Men's womyn's dance at Oakham House.
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