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Trans Health Care Activism in Ontario, 1998-2008


This oral history project, conducted in 2016, focuses on the 1998 delisting and 2008 re-listing of coverage for gender confirmation surgery under Ontario's health care plan. Postdoctoral fellow NM conducted 8 interviews with 7 activists, community members, and politicians who shared rich reflections about their work and engagement with the trans community, as well as with policy-makers and government institutions. 

These individuals had led the fight for LGBTQ+ rights in Ontario well before the 1998 delisting of GCS, an event which galvanized the fight for transgender equality under diverse aspects of provincial and federal law. They speak passionately about the need to push strategically to fight for trans people's access to quality health care. 

As part of this project, we held a panel discussion on December 6th 2018 titled 'Trans Health Activism: Then and Now' at the 519 Community Centre.

[January 10, 2019: this exhibition is in process; if you have questions, please contact Elspeth Brown at]

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