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Marie Robertson (1952- )



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Marie Robertson (1952- )


Marie Robertson is an outspoken lipstick lesbian. A community activist since the early 70's, Marie has never been afraid to rock the boat and challenge both those within and outside the LGBT community. For many years, she was one of the few publicly-out lesbians within the gay liberation movement in Canada.

Marie was a founding member of the Hamilton McMaster Homophile Association and the Coalition for Lesbian and Gay Rights in Ontario. Over the years, she's added her strong voice and energy to many organizations - Waterloo Universities' Gay Liberation Movement, Gays of Ottawa, the Toronto Counselling Centre for Gays and Lesbians, the Lesbian Speakers' Bureau of Toronto, the AIDS Committee of Toronto and the Supporting Our Youth project at Central Toronto Youth Services.

In 1994, Marie was awarded the Canadian Lambda Award for Excellence in Human Rights. As one of the supporters for Marie's nomination put it, "As an educator, counsellor, advocate and role-model, her commitment to the lesbian and gay community is unwavering. Perhaps the most note-worthy aspect of this commitment, is the fact that Marie doesn't see it as unusual. It is simply part of her everyday life. Marie does more community outreach on a trip to the grocery store, than many do in a lifetime. She's proud of who she is and she shares that pride and strength with everyone she comes in contact with." (2002 Induction Statement)

Lesbienne BCBG très directe, fondatrice de Hamilton McMaster Homophile Association et de la Coalition ontarienne pour les droits des lesbiennes et des gais; a travaillé avec Waterloo Universities' Gay Liberation Movement, Gays of Ottawa / Gais de l'Outaouais, Toronto Counselling Centre for Gays and Lesbians, Lesbian Speakers' Bureau of Toronto et le Comité du sida de Toronto.


Jake Peters


Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives




Medium: black and white photographic print, silver gelatin-toned

Dimensions: 17 x 26 cm (W x H)




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