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Robin Metcalfe (1954- )



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Robin Metcalfe (1954- )


Robin Metcalfe is a Halifax-based curator, writer, poet and longtime gay and lesbian rights activist. From 1987 to 1992, he was involved in Lesbian and Gay Rights Nova Scotia, which successfully lobbied the Nova Scotia government for the explicit recognition of sexual orientation as a prohibited grounds for discrimination in the Nova Scotia Human Rights Act, the first provincial jurisdiction to do so. Robin Metcalfe gives our communities a somber challenge when he states: "We are cursed with short memories. We think that the relative freedoms we now take for granted have been long with us. They have not. The ice age was only a short time ago. If the political weather becomes a few degrees cooler, it may come back. Some of us have places to run to, back to the church, to our collars, to our closet. Some of us have no place to retreat to. We can only stand and fight" (Outrage, May 1985). (1998 Induction Statement)

Conservateur d'art, auteur, poète et militant de longue date pour les droits des gais et des lesbiennes.


Storme Arden


Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives




Medium: oil on canvas

Dimensions: 28 x 40.5 cm (W x H)




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