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Project Overview

The Foolscap Oral History Project, also known as the Toronto Gay History Project, was undertaken by John Grube and Lionel Collier in order to collect and preserve histories of everyday gay life and social culture in pre-Stonewall Toronto. The project produced a collection of nearly 100 oral history interviews that provide a rich picture of the lives and histories of men in Grube and Collier's social circle.

Interviews took place from 1981-1987, and cover gay life in Toronto from the 1940s until that time. Topics include the men's early life, coming out, relationships, friendships, sex lives, careers, military service, community organizing, political actions, religion, bar culture, and experiences with psychiatry.

About half of the tapes and transcripts comprising the Foolscap Project were donated to the Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives in 2016, and are currently being processed by the LGBTQ Oral History Digital Collaboratory (Prof. Elspeth Brown, PI). Undergrad University of Toronto student Oli Bedard did much of the digitizing in 2015-16; Dr. Cait McKinney began work on the project in the late summer of 2016.

Project Overview